Our investment in health

Recently, TAL hosted a ‘Future of Better Health’ event that brought together representatives from our partners across financial advice, superannuation, and beyond.  

Aligned to our focus of helping more Australians live life through their best possible health, we held a panel discussion with leading health experts and well-known Australians with lived experience, to discuss their personal stories and what a future of better health looks like to them. We asked them to shed light on the key health innovations and, advances in understanding, which could shape a brighter and healthier future for us all. 

The panel featured two of Australia’s pre-eminent experts and authorities in their respective areas, both also members of TAL’s Specialist Medical Advisory Board:

  • Michael Boyer, Professor and Chief Clinical Officer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, who acknowledges how understanding health and what determines it can be enormously empowering for patients, and mentions the work in progress health literacy of the Australian population. 
  • Nick Glozier, Professor of Psychological Medicine at University of Sydney, who talks about some different aspects that are important to a meaningful life

Also on the panel:

  • Libby Trickett, four time Olympian and mental health advocate, who encourages being pro-active about mental health 
  • Barry Du Bois, Designer and TV personality who talked through his own health experiences in his fight against a rare form of cancer
  • Dr Sally Phillips, TAL’s General Manager of Health Services, who mentions the importance of the physical, mental and financial wellbeing model as well as supporting customers post-claim. 

You can listen to the full podcast or view the transcript here. You can also watch the key highlights from each of the topics on our website.

Our mission for health is to empower Australians to live their best life through holistic good health, and we’re focusing on assisting you with your clients through two key areas to achieve that: enhancing health and supporting health.

Download our flyer  or click here to find out more information on the topics covered, including our approach to health, and how we work with the medical community to ensure we can provide the best support to our partners and their members, customers and clients. 

We are continually evolving our health offering to support you and your clients. We’ll be sharing these insights with your customers later this month so you can start talking to them about how you can help shape a better future for them and their loved ones, together. For further information, please reach out to your local Sales Development Manager.

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