TAL Health Sense Plus

5% off your clients’ lump sum premiums

Through our new Health Sense Plus program, we’re helping your clients learn about the value of preventative screening tests, which can detect and even prevent many serious conditions, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Health Sense Plus forms part of TAL’s prevention program, developed to enhance the health and wellbeing of Australians. In fact, over 50% of all cancers could be avoided with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and regular screening1. To find out more about prevention, click here to listen to a recorded webinar about the value of preventative health.

Health Sense Plus highlights the role these quick, simple tests play in detecting serious disease, and rewards your clients with a 5% lump sum premium discount for proactively protecting their health.

Health Sense Plus Key Features

5% discount on lump sum premiums

Reward clients with a 5% discount on lump sum premiums including Accelerated Protection Life, TPD and/or Critical Illness insurance.

Available from 1st policy anniversary

Eligible customers will receive their offer ahead of their next policy anniversary. Once applied the discount lasts for 2 years before the revalidation is required.

Strengthen your connection

Health Sense Plus provides an opportunity to discuss health and well being, not just finances.

Three simple steps to a 5% discount

Health Sense Plus rewards preventative screening tests and a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) with a 5% lump sum premium discount for two years. Here’s how your clients can get their discount:

test icon

Have a preventative screening test with their GP

A number of preventative tests are eligible, your client's GP will select what's most appropriate for them.

Upload icon

Upload evidence of the test on the Health Sense Plus website

We’ll never ask for these test results: that’s between your client and their GP. We just ask for evidence that your client had a test, like a copy of their GP’s invoice or referral letter.



Confirm their BMI is between 19.0 and 28.0 (inclusive)

BMI is a strong indicator of a person’s general state of health and a healthy BMI can lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.


See the full Terms and Conditions for other eligibility conditions.

What test will my client need to take?

We’ll provide your client with a personalised list of preventative screening tests including those aligned to The Royal College of General Practitioners Red Book for people of their age and gender. We only require your client to take one preventative screening test, their GP will determine what is most appropriate.

Health Sense Plus Eligibility and FAQs

How do my clients apply for Health Sense Plus?

We’ll email eligible clients directly and let them know how to apply for the discount. You don’t need to do a thing: if they’re eligible, we’ll automatically apply the 5% discount for the next two years.

Do my clients need to participate in Health Sense Plus

No. Participating in Health Sense Plus is entirely optional and won’t impact their existing policy if they choose not to participate. Your clients can opt-out from receiving further notifications in relation to Health Sense Plus for this year but we may extend this offer to them again in the future.

What if my client haven’t received a Health Sense Plus offer?

The Health Sense Plus is offered  by email to customers who have provided us with their email address. They can contact us to update their email address to be able to receive offers from us (see the full Terms and Conditions for other eligibility conditions). 

Preventative screening test FAQs

What are preventative screening tests for?

Preventative screening tests can help with the prevention of illness, the early detection of specific disease, and the promotion and maintenance of health. 

For example, early detection of cancers can significantly improve our ability to recover, and understanding our blood pressure or cholesterol levels can help us manage the risk of heart disease and stroke.

A GP can give appropriate advice on how to better manage health with preventative screening tests.

Which preventative screening test must my client take?

Eligible preventative tests are listed in the introductory email we’ll send your client. These tests align to the Royal College of General Practitioners’ Red Book. Your client's GP will determine which preventative screening test is most appropriate.


Why do you need their height/weight and/or BMI?

A person’s height and weight is required to measure the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a good indicator of general health and is often linked to the presence or development of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Claims FAQs

Health Sense BMI discount FAQs

Trail commission FAQs

More information

Download the Health Sense Plus flyer here or contact your local TAL sales team.


The offer of Health Sense Plus is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Important information: Participating in Health Sense Plus is entirely optional and does not impact your client's existing Accelerated Protection policy terms or claims made under their existing policy with TAL.  The discount applies only to Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and TPD Insurance in our Accelerated Protection product. Participation in any preventative screening test will not be reimbursed by TAL. The results of your clients test are between them and their doctor. TAL does not require the test results for the purposes of Health Sense Plus. By participating in Health Sense Plus, TAL gains access to data and information generated from your client's participation in the program (Data).  Clients must acknowledge and agree that this Data may contain Personal Information and Sensitive Information (as those terms are defined in the Privacy Act 1988).  By participating in Health Sense Plus, they must consent to the collection and use by TAL of the Data obtained in accordance with the TAL Privacy Policy, located on our website here.  Any Data they share with TAL in conjunction with this offer will be used only for the purpose of assessing the policyholder's eligibility for the Health Sense Plus discount and not for any other purpose.  This information is general advice and does not take into account individual needs, objectives, financial situation or health status. If you have any concerns or questions about health, you should seek advice from a qualified medical provider. Nothing on this page should be construed as medical advice.