Our claims commitment

Making a real difference when it matters most

TAL's claims commitment

Making a real difference at a difficult time is the most important thing we do: it's why we're here. So our claims approach is all about getting things done as quickly and simply as possible, with personal support at every stage.

Our claims team are specialists in what they do and dedicated to working closely with you and your clients when you need us most. We appoint a dedicated case manager to every claim, who'll take the time to get to know your client and their particular needs. For our advisers, expert support, efficient processes and smart technology combine to ensure a seamless and speedy process.

Helping more Australians keep living the life they love

In 2017, we paid $1.6 billion in claims to over 25,000 customers: an average of $31 million a week1. More than half of those payments helped our customers get back to health after an accident or illness. Our rehabilitation services can be tailored to individual needs, be it a personalised exercise plan, return to work assistance or work placement support.

We're also proud to have adopted the Life Insurance Code of Practice. The Code is the life insurance industry’s commitment to mandatory customer service standards, and amongst many other things sets out the life insurance industry’s key commitments and obligations with respect to claims handling. More information on the Code standards for claims handling can be found in the Code. You will also find information about making a claim in the Accelerated Protection or Accelerated Protection for Investment Platforms Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document. 


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