Supporting our farmers to maintain their insurance cover

From 1 September 2018, TAL will be waiving insurance premiums for drought affected farmers.

The waiver will be available to existing TAL customers holding policies directly with TAL or through a financial adviser who qualify for the Federal Government's Farm Household Allowance  and who live in a drought-declared area.

Premiums will be waived for payments that are due from 1 September 2018 and eligible customers can apply for the waiver until 30 November 2018. The premium waiver will apply for a period of up to six months.

This support will ensure that farmers in drought affected areas and their families can maintain the life insurance cover they need and provide some financial relief during this difficult time. 

How to apply

Clients can apply by calling our Customer Service Centre on 1300 209 088 – the team are available from 8am – 7:00pm AEST Monday to Friday. They can also apply by sending an email to

Applications can be made until 30 November 2018.

All we’ll need is a copy of their Federal Government's Farm Household Allowance  approval (or other verification that they’re receiving the allowance) to help process their application. We can also accept the application from their adviser - they’ll just need to provide the client’s Federal Government Farm Household Allowance  approval for verification. 

We understand that in these challenging circumstances, every dollar counts. We’re proud to support our farming families, help them keep the cover they need to protect the lives they love during this difficult time. 

Further information

For more information on this initiative, or to discuss your clients’ individual circumstances, please contact your local TAL sales team  or our Adviser Service Centre on 1300 286 937, Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm or email

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