TAL SpotChecker launches for summer

Despite the fact that two in three Australians are expected to be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer during their lifetime (Cancer Council Australia, 2018), TAL research found that only 36% of people have had a check within the past 12 months with 29% never having had a skin check at all. 

Last year, TAL SpotChecker provided 1,330 people with professional skin checks across Australia and more than half of those had never had a skin check before. While awareness is growing and more people have had a skin check in the last year than in 2016, there is more to do. This year, we look forward to continuing to encourage important conversations around early detection and educating people on how they should self-check as well as get regular skin checks.

TAL’s mission is to get more people talking about the importance of skin checks in order to bridge the gap on both awareness and action and help save more lives.

To support this mission and encourage more Australians to get regular skin checks, TAL is also launching a series of pop-up clinics for the third year in a row, providing free skin checks from specialist skin cancer doctors at some of Australia’s most iconic beaches this summer.

We have also partnered with Firstcheck this year – an app that enables people to get a skin check through their smartphone – to deliver more skin checks across Australia. To help make skin checks easier for more Australians, we have a TAL-exclusive discount for a Firstcheck skin check package, which will enable them to take 'selfies' of spots they're concerned about and send them directly to skin cancer doctors for review using the Firstcheck App and SkinScope™.

Visit www.tal.com.au/tal-spotchecker to find out more.

After launching at Bondi Beach for the first weekend of summer, TAL SpotChecker will head to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast on 8-9 December 2018, and then across to Cottesloe Beach in Perth (12-13 January 2019), followed by Harold and Cynthia Anderson Reserve in Adelaide (19-20 January 2019) and St Kilda Beach in Melbourne (26-27 January 2019).

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