Finalise your TAL Income Protection applications in suspense by 28 February 2022

All TAL Income Protection applications submitted prior to 24 September 2021 and accepted by TAL must be inforce by 28 February 2022, due to regulatory requirements. Any applications still in progress on this date will expire and a new quote and application will be required.

Income Protection applications submitted jointly with covers, such as Life, TPD and Critical Illness will also expire on 28 February 2022 if they are still in progress. Stand Alone applications for Lump Sum covers such as Life, TPD and Critical Illness yet to complete will remain open beyond 28 February 2022 and are not impacted by regulatory requirements.

How to check your applications in suspense

Please check the ‘Proposal Requirements Summary’ report available in the TAL Adviser Centre to check your clients’ applications in progress and arrange for any outstanding information to be obtained as soon as possible in order to finalise the application by 28 February 2022.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for a walkthrough of how to use the Proposal Requirements Summary.

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