We’re now accepting electronic signatures

To save you time and paperwork, the majority of our new business and alterations forms are now accepted when signed electronically through DocuSign or Adobe Sign, for both TAL and Asteron customers.

We recognise that all advice practices are unique, which is why we’re implementing a flexible solution though a phased approach. 

What is the process for signing forms electronically?

  1. You must hold a license with either DocuSign or Adobe Sign
  2. Check the form is accepted with an electronic signature, and meets the signature requirements
  3. Ensure all relevant parties have signed appropriate sections of the form
  4. Provide an audit log from the relevant signature company to support the electronic signature

For more information, please see the FAQ’s below or speak to your local Sales Development Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms or letters cannot be accepted with an electronic signature?

The forms or letters below cannot be accepted with an electronic signature.

  TAL Asteron
Forms that cannot be accepted with an electronic signature •  Benefit Payment Request/SIPRF (Refund Rollover) 
•  Death Benefit Nomination Superannuation (beneficiary form) 
•  Deed of Release 
•  Enduring Rollover Authority
•  Memorandum of Transfer
•  Non-Enduring Rollover Authority 
•  Statutory Declaration for Lost Policy 
•  TAL Super Application Form
•  Nomination for Payment of Death Benefit 
•  Superannuation Rollover & Payment Authority Form 
•  Annexure of Assignment & Statutory declaration for issue of special policy
Forms that cannot be accepted with an electronic signature if:
•  the new Policy Owner is TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund/ TAL Super/ Suncorp Mastertrust; or 
•  a witness signature is required,
•  a refund is required and the policy is under TAL Super/TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund/ Suncorp Mastertrust 
•  Continuation Option Application Form 
Buyback Form
•  Accelerated Protection Application Form 
•  Transfer of Ownership
•  Cancellation Authority
•  Change of Ownership Request Form 
•  Income Protection Replacement Request Form 
•  Application to replace Cover issued through Superannuation

2. Why are some forms and letters not accepted?

There are a variety of reasons why we cannot accept a form with an electronic signature – these include legislative requirements, medical forms (which require a nurse or doctor to sign), superannuation requirements; some forms require a witness to sign, and some require the original form to be posted, for example, memorandum of transfer or Annexure of Assignment & Statutory declaration for issue of special policy.

3. What is an audit log?

An audit log (also called audit trail) tracks the steps of the signature process. It proves who signed the document and when they signed it. For instructions on how to create an audit log, please visit the support pages linked below.

If you are unable to obtain a copy of the audit log we cannot accept the form with an electronic signature. In this instance you should submit the form with a wet signature. 

4. Can I use companies other than DocuSign or AdobeSign?

Currently we can only accept electronic signatures through DocuSign or AdobeSign.  If you would like us to introduce another provider, please contact your BDM to nominate them for a review. We will then assess your nominated provider which includes their process, data and IT security etc. Until then you will be required to submit forms using a wet signature.


This is the first step in our journey to integrate electronic signatures in our BAU processes, and we welcome your feedback to ensure our solution suits your business. 

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