Important: Custom APL Settings in IRESS and Xplan

We have had recent feedback from some advisers that TAL Accelerated Protection was not appearing as an option for them on IRESS/Xplan 

Custom APL settings need to be updated

Our recent product update has triggered a set of new Accelerated Protection 'packages' being enrolled in Risk Researcher with the previous ones being expired. As a result, any Xplan site that utilises custom APL settings will need to be updated to switch TAL’s new packages on, otherwise TAL will not be returned when your advisers are doing their insurance research.

This means licensees will require their site administrator to update their custom APL setting to include our new packages. For more information, please refer to our guide to updating your custom APL settings, as well as the FAQ IRESS have sent to all users.

For those utilising IRESS/Xplan technology, it would be appreciated if you could please check that TAL Accelerated Protection is being returned on comparisons. For those not using IRESS/Xplan we have not heard of any issues as a result of our recent product update on other similar software, however if you discover any issues please contact us if you have noticed anything different.

Further information

Please contact your local TAL Sales team member, or our Adviser Service Centre on 1300 286 937.

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