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Jade Custance
Business Development Manager

Our Meet the Team Series continues as we speak with Jade Custance, our Business Development Manager. Jade’s passion for sharing knowledge and helping others develop their skills has enabled her role in supporting advisers. 

What is your role at TAL?

As a Business Development Manager at TAL, I support advisers with their risk strategies and process improvements to help ensure the best client outcomes. This ranges from responsibilities around suitable product structures to meet unique needs, to policy ownership addressing tax implications, and affordability solutions to ensure clients can maintain their cover during times of need.

I have worked in the Financial Services industry my whole professional career and know that I thrive best when I’m in roles with the opportunity to share knowledge and help others develop and grow their skills. I take great pride in knowing that my day-to-day work plays a key role in alleviating pressures of clients so advisers can provide a smooth experience for them.

How do you see the life insurance industry changing in the next five years?

I anticipate a significant transformation in the life insurance industry over the next few years. There is a noticeable shift towards prioritising life insurance advice within advice practices, and this trend is expected to gain momentum.

Newly qualified advisers are becoming more eager around leveraging technology to revolutionise their processes and enhance the way they deliver advice to their clients. This aligns well with the industry’s growing emphasis on utilising technology to streamline the implementation and delivery of insurance solutions.

The synergy between tech-savvy advisers and insurance providers adopting advanced technology is poised to reshape the industry for the better. I’m excited to see the next generation of risk advisers evolve and deliver more risk solutions and exceptional outcomes to Australians when they need it most.

In your opinion, why is it important for Australians to protect themselves and their families with life insurance?

Life insurance is extremely important to provide options and choices during challenging times, and not to have those choices limited by financial decisions.

What advisers and life insurers deliver to Australians with protection is invaluable, and unfortunately the reality is that a lot of people don’t have that understanding until it’s too late. This has the potential to translate to added stress of financial difficulties instead of being able to support those in need who are suffering without the financial burdens and limitations.

Advisers are in a unique position to have these difficult discussions with their clients to ensure they understand and appreciate the need for life insurance protection, which is so valuable in our society. It is also why I have such a passion for what I do to support advisers.

Tell us something that’s guaranteed to brighten your day?

No matter the stresses of the day, coming home to play a quick basketball game with my seven and ten year old boys makes me smile. They are small but mighty and put me in place with an absolute thumping topped off with some impersonations of my poor skills until we all wrap up with tears of laughter. It’s definitely time for me to do some private lessons!

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