What are your goals for 2021? TAL Risk Academy will help you get there

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In a time of significant change and continued industry evolution, we know your education needs are diverse. Whether it’s the FASEA exam, Code of Ethics or Income Protection changes, up-to-date education from a trusted partner is essential. And that’s what you’ll find at TAL Risk Academy – as we build on our strong history of leading the way in adviser education to ensure you can continue to support your clients with quality advice.

With more industry and legislative changes ahead, we’ve tailored our 2021 courses to help you grow your knowledge and skills with a comprehensive understanding of those key topics. All our courses offer CPD hours and there’s training available at every level – from new entrants to experienced advisers – across all the FASEA areas.

This year, you’ve got the flexibility to create a learning pathway specifically for your business and client needs. And, through our dedicated partnership with Deakin University, TAL Risk Academy’s the perfect place to support your degree. Professional Year candidates are equally supported with structured training enabling them to start their professional journey with confidence.

We’ll continue to work with our charity partner, the ABCN, to help children who experience educational disadvantage achieve their full potential. And in preparation for any changes this year, we’ll be here to support you as well. From industry change to challenging advice topics and everything in between, the quality education at TAL Risk Academy is fully focused on your needs.

So, what are your goals for 2021?

Succeeding through industry change

2021 brings more change and we’ve developed courses to help your business thrive through the Income Protection changes, the FASEA Exam and beyond.  Our popular FASEA Exam Masterclass will continue to run in 2021, along with regular FASEA Exam update webinars.

Achieving your education requirements

We’ve partnered with Deakin University to help you achieve your FASEA education requirements as easily as possible. Personalised, flexible pathways ensure you’ll get maximum recognition for previous experience and training, and you’ll be eligible for a 15% discount on relevant Deakin courses by successfully completing any TAL Risk Academy course. Find out more here.

Completing your Professional Year

If you're new to the advice industry, TAL Risk Academy offers wide-ranging, customisable pathways to meet your training needs. And if you’re mentoring a Professional Year candidate in 2021, we can help you help them as well, with new courses focused on coaching and supporting new entrants to our industry.  Find out more here.

Growing your skills and your business

Every few months, we’ll dive into a particular focus area and guide you through the foundations to the technical details. These align with what’s happening in the industry during the year, so you’ll have a comprehensive approach that will help you stay up to speed with industry trends and legislative changes as they arise. We’re starting out with Estate Planning; find out more here.

Whatever your goals in 2021, there’s a course to match at the award-winning TAL Risk Academy, plus...

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Lots of ways to plan your learning

When you want with over 40 courses on-demand

Where you want through our virtual classroom series

Or in real time at a live webinar, virtual masterclass or in-person.

TAL Risk Academy CPD Hours

More ways to earn CPD hours

We want to make sure you’ve got lots of opportunities to earn your CPD hours. Along with our industry-accredited courses, you can earn CPD hours with our range of reading materials. Visit the library here.

TAL Risk Academy Educators

Experienced, highly skilled presenters

TAL Risk Academy presenters really are our dream team. Experts in their fields, they bring complex topics to life in engaging, accessible ways for students of all levels. Meet the team here

Download the 2021 course guide

Risk Academy students give us an average of 4.77 out of 5 for the courses they take.

Creating brighter futures through education

We’ve always been committed to making TAL Risk Academy as accessible as possible, which is why most of our courses are free of charge.

The only exception is a $55 fee for our masterclasses, which is donated in full to the Australian Business Community Network. The ABCN helps talented young Australians access quality education and mentoring so they can reach their full potential. We've pleased to have raised over $630,000 since our partnership began.

You know how important education is to your professional future. By attending one of our masterclasses, you’re helping give a young person that same advantage.

Learn more about the ABCN here.

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