Living our Claims Philosophy to help your clients

At TAL, we’re in the business of paying claims. Every claim paid is a promise kept to you, and your clients who we protect. 

It’s a responsibility we take seriously which is why we have invested time listening to you, your clients, and our Claims Consultants to inform our Claims Philosophy and the beliefs that underpin it.

We understand that our claims philosophy is an important discussion for you to have with your clients, both when they’re choosing an insurer and at claim time. By sharing how we act on our promise to pay claims and support your clients through their claim journey we hope to help you to demonstrate the true value of insurance.

Our claims philosophy is “We will deliver on the promise we make to every client, ensuring they understand and feel confident in how we will handle their claim.”

The best customer experience comes when we all work together – TAL, the adviser and the customer. So, when you or your clients come to us with a claim, we will always offer guidance and support to make sure you’re both comfortable with the process and that you understand what’s required.

We live our philosophy each and every day by delivering on our claims commitments:

 Icon settings cog Setting expectations
To help you and your clients understand what needs to happen and why, when and how it happens, and who is responsible, you will have one point of contact within our dedicated Claims team.
 Icon tick Removing complexity
We will prepare in advance before contacting you and your client, limiting paperwork as much as possible and making decisions as quickly as possible to ensure things are simpler for you and your client.
 health grief support Personalised recovery support
We will take the time to understand your client’s situation and offer the right support to help them on their path to recovery.
 Icon balancing scales Delivering fair outcomes
Doing the right thing by you and your clients underpins all that we do. You and your client will have the time you need to talk through your claim. You’ll be offered different ways to provide the information to support your claim. We’ll also explain to you and your clients the reasons why we make our decisions.
Human Icon with Star Claiming with confidence
Supporting you and your clients starts with our people. We’re committed to providing our claims teams with the support and tools they need, to do the best job they can for you and your clients

We want to help Australians keep living the life they love. We know that no two claims are alike and that making a claim can be an unfamiliar experience at a challenging time. Making a real difference during a difficult time is the most important thing we do: it's why we're here.

For more information on our Claims Philosophy, or to share it with your clients, please download the PDF here.




If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.





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