Update to TAL Super’s electronic signature process

As part of our commitment to simplify our processes and making things easier for you, we have updated our digital signature process to now start accepting certain TAL Super (Mercer Super Trust) forms signed using DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

Below is a reminder on what our process is for signing forms electronically:

  1. You must hold a license with either DocuSign or Adobe Sign
  2. Check the form can be accepted with an electronic signature
  3. Meets our signature requirements where your clients need to sign by drawing their name on a computer or mobile device, or uploading an image of their wet signature. The signature must match the one we have on our records or the customer’s photo ID e.g. Driver’s license 
  4. Ensure all relevant parties have signed appropriate sections of the form e.g. All trustees for a self-managed superfund. 
  5. Provide an audit log from the relevant signature company to support the electronic signature

For more information, please see the FAQ below or speak to your local Sales Development Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What TAL Super forms can now be accepted with an electronic signature?


TAL Super forms that can now be accepted using electronic signature  


  • Continuation Option Application Form* 
  • Buyback Form*
  • Accelerated Protection Application Form* 
  • Transfer of Ownership*
  •  Death Benefit Nomination Superannuation* (beneficiary form) – only for Non-Binding Nomination 
  • Non-Enduring Rollover Authority
  • Enduring Rollover Authority
  • TAL Super Application Form* 

*Wet signature is still required if application is accompanied with a Binding Death Nomination application.

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